OSPInsight software and services will help you design, build, analyze, and maintain your fiber optic network, whether that network spans a campus, community, country, or the entire planet. OSPInsight will be your most important tool to help you manage your most important asset: the network.



As your fiber optic network grows, the complexity of the fiber circuits increases, making it nearly impossible to have a complete understanding of the fiber routing within your network. OSPInsight enables you to clearly visualize your fiber circuits, no matter how complex, to make designing your network easier.

"OSPInsight plays a big part in how we engineer a new build - how it will tie into older existing fiber, patching configurations needed, Right-of-Way options (permitting & leasing considerations), fiber count capacities needed, etc."



Whether it is a splicer cutting in a new lateral or a fiber breaking because of environmental stress, your network changes constantly. OSPInsight provides you the tools to not only react but to proactively control any changes in your network.

"The exact savings is hard to calculate, but it is safe to say we have already saved many thousands of dollars in repairs due to preventative maintenance. And when you factor in keeping our customers through better service, some of them are worth hundreds of thousands of dollars."



Today, it can take weeks to accurately analyze your network. OSPInsight gives you accurate information all the time, so you know exactly what’s happening in your network. That makes it easy to create reports, graphs, and maps for accounting, management and engineering in a matter of seconds.

“Determining the number of miles of cable in any given tax zone has been an arduous task. But it is very important … don’t want to make the tax man mad! Before OSPInsight I could make a good guess after doing a lot of research. Now, it is almost just pushing the right button.”



Use OSPInsight to plan your build, estimate costs, and track progress through the entire construction process. Significantly reducing the cost and time to build your network.

“What we saw with OSPInsight was that not only did our costs indeed decline, but our timeframes decreased as well. It turns out that having a well-defined process that drives integrity and accountability into the process, also decreases the amount of time it took to complete a job."