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Trusted in the field for over 30 years

IQGeo's OSPInsight team has provided industry-leading software and services to customers for over 30 years, enabling them to easily plan, design, analyze, maintain, and build better networks. Existing OSPInsight customers will continue to enjoy this innovative solution. 

For new customers, IQGeo invites you to learn about Network Manager Telecom, the industry’s most flexible and comprehensive software to accelerate planning, design, construction, operations and time to revenue. This award-winning solution is for everyone from small private networks to national telecom operators, offering the flexibility to meet the scope of any network across the entire lifecycle. 

Joining the IQGeo team

In December 2020 we were pleased to announce that OSPInsight joined the IQGeo team with the acquisition of our company. Our industry leading fiber optic planning and design software complements IQGeo’s enterprise geospatial solutions, providing a comprehensive range of software technology options for our customers. Our sales and support specialists will work with you to select the network management solution that meets your current requirements and future ambitions.

To learn more about IQGeo please visit: https://www.iqgeo.com/


Introducing OSPInsight

OSPInsight (OSPI) is based in South Jordan, Utah under the shadows of the majestic Wasatch mountains. OSPI was founded in 1993 with the intent of introducing high standards of aerospace fiber optic engineering practices to the US telecommunications industry. By 1995, OSPI founders had successfully achieved their goal and were supporting fiber optic splicing and testing operations throughout the western United States. Those field service offerings continue today, and have expanded to include fiber characterization testing throughout the United States.

As OSPI began its field service operations, it became obvious to the founders that there had to be a better way to document fiber optic networks. At the conclusion of nearly every fiber optic project OSPI would be asked to prepare binders full of paper records that would summarize the work that had been done so that it could be combined with other binders of records to serve as documentation for the project. The problem was, the outside plant data within those binders was not easy to get to, let alone analyze to help make insightful decisions.

Thus, the birth of the idea of OSPInsight. By 1996 OSPInsight software products were being distributed to OSPI customers to help them better understand and interact with their network documentation. The move towards paperless documentation was underway.

Since that time, millions of strands of fibers have been documented in OSPInsight products throughout the world. And, the passion to develop, distribute, and support software applications to more efficiently and effectively document fiber optic networks moves forward today.


Introducing OSPInsight Software

OSPInsight helps outside plant engineers manage their fiber optic networks through a comprehensive suite of software and services. OSPInsight is known as fiber optic network management software, and enables users to plan, design, maintain, analyze, and build their fiber optic networks with powerful, user-friendly applications.

Clients can also track physical changes to the network and run reports in order to better understand overall network performance, including fiber utilization. Once up-and-running, OSPInsight empowers managers with the information and support they need to effectively monitor their network.

Additionally, the company provides professional data and support services. Should customers need education on how to optimize a certain function or tool, OSPInsight will provide trainings to ensure they are making the most of their investment.

Whether wiring a local community or larger geographic region, OSPInsight is the partner that telecoms, CATVs, ISPs, cities, municipalities, DOTs, campuses, etc. need in order to successfully plan, design and build high-performing fiber optic networks.

Get Started With OSPInsight Today

Despite the rapid growth in global internet usage, the telecommunications industry has struggled to solve for costly operations and complex logistics. The need for a digital solution that can support every element of fiber optic network management has grown increasingly clear. With OSPInsight, clients see cost savings, improved network performance, and increased control over their most valuable asset, the fiber.

OSPInsight’s software and services are an investment worth making!

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