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Trusted in the field for over 30 years

IQGeo's OSPInsight team has provided industry-leading software and services to customers for over 30 years, enabling them to easily plan, design, analyze, maintain, and build better networks. Existing OSPInsight customers will continue to enjoy this innovative solution. 

For new customers, IQGeo invites you to learn about Network Manager Telecom, the industry’s most flexible and comprehensive software to accelerate planning, design, construction, operations and time to revenue. This award-winning solution is for everyone from small private networks to national telecom operators, offering the flexibility to meet the scope of any network across the entire lifecycle. 

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Alarm Monitoring

Without the proper tools and resources finding the exact location of a network fault (break / degradation) is very challenging and risks extended downtimes and lost productivity for your end users. OSPInsight’s Alarm Monitoring Add-On provides you with the tools you need to address cable breaks and get clients back up and running on your network with little interruption.

Using a Remote Fiber Test System (RFTS), an OSPInsight technician receives an email or SMS with the proper information to find a network fault. The technician then takes the information and enters it into the OSPInsight Find Fault Tool to find the exact location of each fault based on the information that the user has added to their database.

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Bill of Materials

At IQGeo, we understand how important it is for fiber network designers using OSPInsight to quickly plan new builds. With the demand for fiber connections and network expansion only increasing, designers are busier than ever when it comes to planning the most efficient way to deliver services to new subscribers.

One of the more cumbersome aspects of network planning is estimating how much new builds will cost, both from a labor and materials standpoint. Using the Bill of Materials Add-On OSPInsight users can accurately estimate network material costs in real-time as they plan their networks, making the sales quoting process faster and easier, enabling you to be more competitive.

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OSPInsight Mobile

Mobilize your OSPInsight database by utilizing IQGeo's revolutionary mobile first platform. With the right set of mobile tools, you can accelerate the exchange of information between the field and the office, improve troubleshooting, plan more effectively for the future, cut operating costs, and deliver better service to your customers.

The OSPInsight Mobile Add-On runs seamlessly on all modern iOS, Android, or Windows devices, online or offline. You can push app updates or sync data across thousands of mobile devices in your network without compromising performance. As a result, everyone in your organization stays on the same page, and you can get maximum value from your fiber network.

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Open API

OSPInsight is designed to be the single-source of truth for your fiber information. The Open API Add-On makes it easy for you to pull unique identifiers of your data out of OSPInsight and integrate with other systems that hold your network data.

For the first release of the Open API, we focused heavily on read access so you can associate the single source of truth information with your other business systems. In addition to read-access API calls, we have added the ability to create and update the attributes for Access Points, Buildings, and Poles.

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The Reports Add-On integrates our legacy Desktop Reports application into the OSPInsight Web software. We’ve retooled large portions of Desktop Reports to remove third party dependencies (i.e. MapInfo, Microsoft Access) and improved our long-standing and industry-proven reporting of fiber assets.

This new Desktop Reports will now ship as a plugin application to be used in conjunction with OSPInsight Web. Desktop application users now have the ability to create and schedule new reports, serving as an admin over your reporting functionality.

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As the OSPInsight product continues to grow, we have identified a need to make OSPInsight support services even more accessible, which is why we put together the Support+ Add-On.

The Support+ Add-On is for maintenance, training, reporting and support tasks. Designed to be flexible and allow for monthly recurring services. These professional support services have become essential to our customers' success.

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Visualization Tools

Visualization Tools

It has always been our mission to make the OSPInsight software the easiest to use fiber management platform on the market. We believe this is important not just because it makes individual tasks quicker and simpler for users, but we see it as very strategic to the success of our customers.

The Visualization Tools Add-On provides a very intuitive visual interface that shows users the exact status of fiber cable connectivity. In addition to the existing schematics and tabular view into connectivity, the visual interface provides a more intuitive, real-world like view into splicing and patching connectivity.

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How do I get access? 

If you are a current OSPInsight user, contact your Customer Success Manager (CSM) to learn more about the available Add-Ons and for pricing details. If you are investigating our OSPInsight product, speak with one of our Solutions Engineers by scheduling a product demo and asking about the available Add-Ons.

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