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OSPInsight Mobile

Mobilize your OSPInsight database by utilizing IQGeo's revolutionary mobile first platform. With the right set of mobile tools, you can accelerate the exchange of information between the field and the office, improve troubleshooting, plan more effectively for the future, cut operating costs, and deliver better service to your customers.

The OSPInsight Mobile Add-On runs seamlessly on all modern iOS, Android, or Windows devices, online or offline. You can push app updates or sync data across thousands of mobile devices in your network without compromising performance. As a result, everyone in your organization stays on the same page, and you can get maximum value from your fiber network.


Redline and Markup

Plan and Design your network using any device; online or offline


Street View

Use Google Street View to interact with your network objects


Picture Attachments

Attach pictures to network objects within your OSPInsight database

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Proven Mobility for your Database

Proven data sync and app updates to thousands of mobile devices without compromising performance. Field staff can run the OSPInsight platform on any iOS, Android or Windows device; online or offline.

Streamline Communications

Fiber networks are always changing. Long feedback loops between the field and office can create massive update backlogs and make it almost impossible to know exactly what’s happening to the network in the field. Mobile tools fix this problem by empowering field techs with real-time read and write access to network data.

Improve Maintenance & Repairs

Improve maintenance productivity, after responding to a specific incident, field crews can add notes or upload pictures through their mobile tools to accurately capture the work completed. In doing so, technicians make it easier for others to diagnose problems even faster down the road.

Enhance Planning and Design

OSPInsight Mobile shows network components on top of Google Street View images so that operators can see how assets are positioned in real settings. Our platform allows users to click on individual elements within these views to access attributes and related objects.

Additional Resources


Tachus deploys first implementation of OSPInsight Mobile solution

The Woodlands, Texas-based fiber service provider, Tachus, began using OSPInsight Mobile in July 2021 after adopting OSPInsight Web in January 2021. With OSPInsight Mobile, Tachus aims to improve recordkeeping and streamline communication between its office and field personnel. 

3 Ways Mobile Tools... (featured image)

3 Ways Mobile Tools Improve Fiber Network Management

Today I want to discuss the next chapter in this story. To achieve your highest fiber network management potential (a.k.a. Level 3 maturity), you will need mobile tools that enable your field teams to take an accurate, up-to-date view of the fiber network with them wherever they go.

How do I get access? 

If you are a current OSPInsight user, contact your Customer Success Manager (CSM) to learn more about the available Add-Ons and for pricing details. If you are investigating our OSPInsight product, speak with one of our Solutions Engineers by scheduling a product demo and asking about the available Add-Ons.

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