City of Westerville

The City of Westerville builds nation’s first municipality-owned fiber network and optimizes performances with OSPInsight

The City of Westerville in Ohio is the first municipality in the country to own its own data center and fiber network. The city currently manages 70 miles of fiber across an open network consisting of 139 commercial buildings and 200 total route miles.

Westerville is also an internet service provider (ISP), enabling the municipality to bring new customers online rapidly, as well as attract major companies, like DHL and Marzetti’s, to the region.

Westerville’s fiber network is available to new subscribers at a low rate of $1/MB plus a $50 setup fee, the cheapest fiber costs offered in the city. Residential users only have to pay $70/GB for high-speed broadband.

Looking ahead, Westerville is focused on building out its fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) infrastructure and “future-proofing” its network. In 2021, Westerville has added 50 new builds, increasing the capacity and complexity of its operations.

A key factor in Westerville’s fiber success is OSPInsight, the city’s fiber management platform. Westerville started using OSPInsight in 2020 to optimize services around its WeConnect data center and network. Westerville’s fiber operators appreciate three specific characteristics of OSPInsight, especially in light of the city’s ambitious growth targets.

First, Westerville relies heavily on OSPInsight’s troubleshooting capabilities. The city’s operators use OSPInsight’s Find Fault tool to track down cuts that would otherwise be impossible to locate without software. In fact, OSPInsight has saved Westerville from having to hire another field technician to deal with outages.

OSPi_Web_Find Fault_Full

Second, Westerville uses OSPInsight to accelerate fiber planning and development. In OSPInsight Web, platform users can sync fiber data with other GIS tools to evaluate potential new builds against various geospatial data points. The city’s fiber technicians can also build out splice jobs for specific contractors easily through OSPInsight’s purpose-built splicing tools.

OSPi_Web_Bill of Materials_Bill of Materials (Summary)_Window

Third, Westerville appreciates how OSPInsight streamlines recordkeeping and shortens the feedback cycle between the office and field. Westerville’s field technicians can access OSPInsight through their mobile devices from anywhere, enabling them to update fiber records, add notes, and store tribal knowledge easily.

OSPi_Add-On_Mobile_Value Prop_Mobilize your database

Overall, OSPInsight Web has empowered Westerville to adopt a “cloud-first” mentality and take its WeConnect network to the next level. Westerville has the fiber management system of record and tools it needs to build out its FTTH infrastructure confidently going forward.


The City of Westerville is located in Northeast Ohio and has nearly 40,000 residents. Today, Westerville is a leader in job creation and business support, thanks to the technology resources provided through its WeConnect data center and network.

Key Benefits

Reliable & secure documentation
OSPInsight enables the city of Westerville to quickly identify and fix fiber cuts throughout the region.

Simple record-keeping & field support
OSPInsight empowers Westerville’s fiber planners to design the ideal network for local businesses and residents.

Accessible data
OSPInsight shortens the feedback loop between the office and field, streamlining the fiber recordkeeping process.

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