OSPInsight Data Services provides you unmatched speed and accuracy in consolidating all your different data into one OSPInsight database, cleansing that data and then analyzing it through OSPInsight's many reporting capabilities to reveal previously hidden opportunities. OSPInsight offers you the complete data solution from start to finish, including ongoing database maintenance. In short, Data Services provides you with the most accurate model of your network possible. You can finally move fast enough to take advantage of today's opportunities to identify, reach and service more customers with an ever increasing number of service offerings. OSPInsight has managed project for large nationwide carriers as well as smaller local providers since 1995. For more information on how we can help you solve your data problems please contact us at 1-800-222-0652 or INFO@ADVANCEFIBER.COM

Data Consulting

What Is It?

OSPInsight data technicians are available for on-site or remote consulting to assist you with any phase of your data management process. Whether you need help getting started with data collection or want us to show you how to get more out of the reporting, mining and analyzing capabilities of OSPInsight.

Why Use Data Services?

While it is not necessary to use our level of expertise to set up and use OSPInsight, some customers might benefit from our ability to accelerate the implementation and application of the software rather than go it alone. Whatever the case may be, our OSPInsight experts will complete your project quickly while raising your staff's understanding of OSPInsight's many capabilities.

How Does It Work?

DATA COLLECTION: Our specialists meet with you to understand the specifics of your network and to analyze the best implementation to meet your company's standards and procedures during data collection. We then design a custom field worksheet that enables your technicians, or ours, to capture the network data needed to populate the OSPInsight system and maximize its capabilities for your individualized use.

DATA ANALYSIS: Some customers need information in unique formats not available through standard queries and reporting options within OSPInsight. Our OSPInsight specialists will meet with you, analyze your request and customize a solution that reports information in a customized format to fit your needs.


Data Maintenance

What Is It?

OSPInsight Data Maintenance Service is a simple, cost effective way to keep your network database continuously and accurately updated. We become your database expert and supply you with everything you need when you need it, including inventory reports, network capacity and availability analyses, and DATA CONSULTING. You maintain ownership and control of your data and have immediate access to the most current updates, whether it's housed at your location or ours.

Why Use Data Services?

Simplifying internal operations and achieving higher levels of speed and accuracy in database updating are the main reasons customers choose OSPInsight Data Maintenance. They cite improved decision making capabilities in marketing their network and faster response times in maintaining it because they no longer wait for or question the data they receive. Data is our #1 priority.

LABOR: Reduce hiring, training and managing database maintenance staff. Ease the burden placed on multi-tasked individuals who are or will be maintaining your database. Reallocate skilled resources from database maintenance to improve efficiencies and productivity elsewhere.

SPEED: Our data maintenance specialists have thousands of hours of OSPInsight experience and immediate access to OSPInsight technical support. This means unequaled data input efficiencies and speed - they have no distractions, no interruptions, and no multi-tasking on other non-OSPInsight assignments.

COST: The cost tailored to the quantity of database maintenance you actually use.

SAVINGS: Reduced initial OSPInsight software and annual maintenance costs. Reduced staff training costs. Reduced lost revenues caused by late, unavailable or inaccurate marketing information. Reduced man-hours per project with on-time, available and accurate network information. Reduced overall headcount possible. Reduced down time during restorations.

How Does It Work?

An OSPInsight Data Services project manager is assigned to every customer to help define the scope of data maintenance needed and is responsible for quality assurance and on-time delivery of all scheduled and newly requested information. This project manager will help with the following tasks: New data input. Data modification. Drawing modifications. Data integrity checks. Data update tracking. Standard monthly report summary. Custom monthly report summary.

Data Conversion

What Is It?

OSPInsight Data Conversion Service is the fastest and most cost effective way to manually or programatically bring data from any format into the industry's leading network management system – OSPInsight.

Why Use OSPInsight Data Services?

COST: The lowest cost data conversion will always come through us for three reasons:

  1. Low hourly rate

  2. Faster time to completion

  3. Your staff will be freed up to focus on revenue generating tasks.

SPEED: We offer you an available and experienced staff. We are exclusively tasked to input your data eight hours a day, five days a week until the job is done – no distractions, no interruptions, and no multi-tasking on other assignments. We have thousands of hours of OSPInsight experience – this means unequaled conversion efficiencies and speed.

ACCURACY: Using the creators of OSPInsight to convert your data into OSPInsight assures you that every conversion question will be answered correctly the first time. After the conversion is complete our proprietary Integrity Check tool verifies completeness and connectivity throughout your network.  

How Does It Work?

A Data Services project manager is assigned to every customer to help define the scope and scheduling of each conversion project and is responsible for quality assurance and on-time delivery of the finished database. From the initial data assessment to the final delivery approvals, they manage the process for you with milestone reviews of progress, quality checks and on-time delivery of the finished database. After the proper guidelines are established, the conversion process proceeds along a well defined schedule that includes several interim reviews to quantify data input to-date, verify standards and input accuracy, and address any problem areas of existing documentation. Prior to delivery we will test fiber connectivity and identify any missing or incorrect information. Once identified, we work with you to plan the information resolution, which could include FIELD AUDITS to verify the network data. Once your data is completely converted into OSPInsight, your project manager will schedule the finished database review and approval. This can take place at your location (preferred) or through web-conferencing. When the review is performed at your location, we will also install the database for you and orient all individuals who will interact with the database on its use, updating from field notes and reports, and potential configuration options (server, dual editors, single editor, etc.)