Fiber Network Operations Tools

OSPInsight provides operations tools for fiber network operators to proactively manage their network.

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Trusted in the Field for Over 25 Years

Built by OSP Engineers, OSPInsight has been helping fiber optic network operators plan, design, build, and operate their networks since 1994. 

Understand Everything About Your Fiber Network (Icon)

Understand Everything About Your Fiber Network

With OSPInsight's operation tools, you have capabilities that facilitate both a high-level and nuanced understanding of network design and performance. 

Troubleshoot Network Issues Quickly (Icon)-1

Troubleshoot Network Issues Quickly

Without the right resources, troubleshooting networks can be time consuming and frustrating to your end-users. Thousands have used OSPInsight to significantly reduce their troubleshooting time. 

Confidently Invest In Future Development (Icon)

Confidently Invest In Future Development

Knowing how to plan for and meet future fiber demand is crucial for your long-term success. Use OSPInsight's operation tools to understand capacity and expand your network for the future. 

Operation Tools to get the job done

Route Detail (icon)

Route Detail

Fiber connectivity information that includes termination ports, fiber strands, splicing, terminations, and patches for fiber routes.

Route Schematic (icon)

Route Schematic

Provides essential data that include fiber endpoints, distances between panels, fiber status, fiber priority, and cable locations.

Find Fault (icon)_v3

Find Fault

Technicians are able to quickly identify the geographic location of cable breaks and determine how best to prioritize repairs.

SpliceGUI (icon)


Provides the necessary details to get splicing done right, and record what was done to help manage future network needs.

Capacity Report (icon)_v4

Capacity Report

Provides a real-time view of how much open capacity exists across the cables within a fiber network, all of the way down to the individual strand.

Taper Report (icon)

Taper Report

Provides a detailed view of the utilization of individual fibers within a specific cable.

Mission Critical

There is nothing that puts all of your network data at your fingertips with the straightforward ease which OSPI does. Complex, network-wide reporting is simple. Massive multi-location cost and route estimates that typically take weeks for a team to put together, can be done in a few hours, by one person. [OSPInsight] is mission critical for everything from new network design to outage troubleshooting to company asset valuations.

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