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Use OSPInsight's Network Analysis tools for actionable reports and critical analysis to optimize and expand your network.

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Trusted in the field for over 30 years

IQGeo's OSPInsight team has provided industry-leading software and services to customers for over 30 years, enabling them to easily plan, design, analyze, maintain, and build better networks. Existing OSPInsight customers will continue to enjoy this innovative solution. 

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Value prop_Icon_Maintain a healthy fiber network

Maintain a healthy fiber network

Measuring the health of your fiber optic network first requires a sophisticated reporting capability. With OSPInsight, you can easily collect, organize, and visualize network data in order to establish baseline understandings of the basic elements within your fiber network.

Value prop_Icon_Plan for the future

Plan for the future

OSPInsight provides the tools to help you visualize network utilization down to the individual fiber strand in just a few clicks. This information can be customized and aggregated in many ways for different levels of your organization. 

Value prop_Icon_Confidently invest in future development

Confidently invest

Knowing how to plan for and meet future fiber demand is crucial for your long-term success. With OSPInsight these reports and analysis are a couple clicks away. 

Reporting and Analysis Tools

OSPI_Product_Web_Feature_Cable span analysis report

Cable Span Analysis Report

Analyze leased fibers, capacity per region, and more span level details.

OSPI_Product_Web_Feature_Impact report

Impact Report

Identify which routes will be impacted if a splice point were moved.

OSPI_Product_Web_Feature_Fiber assignments

Taper Report

Provides a detailed view of the utilization of individual fibers within a specific cable.

OSPI_Product_Web_Feature_Capacity report

Fiber Capacity Report

Provides a real-time view of how much open capacity exists across the cables within a fiber network, all of the way down to the individual strand.

OSPI_Product_Web_Feature_Network statistcs

Network Statistics

Track the quantity of all your database objects over time. Often used for auditing purposes.

OSPI_Product_Web_Feature_Route lengths report

Route Lengths Report

Calculate the length of each fiber on a per geographic segment basis, which is useful for tax and accounting reports.

Excellent service and quick support

OSPInsight has changed the way we run our business. It has allowed us to gain more control over our fiber assets, and we are able to inventory, plan and forecast more than ever before. The taper report feature was something that really convinced us that the system could produce usable and easy to understand critical data. It has made troubleshooting easier, which is vital during a fiber cut or similar outage where time is precious. We also use the SpliceGUI tool, this has made it easy for even a novice to get up to speed quickly on creating connection pathways and routes. OSPI has given us the added benefit of increased understanding and communication between our inside and outside teams.

Vice President of Operations, CTS Telecom

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Learn how OSPInsight's Network Analysis tools can take your network to the next level today!

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