Today OSPInsight fiber planning and management software is used by telecommunication specialists across a wide range of industries to help them all to meet their fiber network challenges.

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Trusted in the field for over 30 years

IQGeo's OSPInsight team has provided industry-leading software and services to customers for over 30 years, enabling them to easily plan, design, analyze, maintain, and build better networks. Existing OSPInsight customers will continue to enjoy this innovative solution. 

For new customers, IQGeo invites you to learn about Network Manager Telecom, the industry’s most flexible and comprehensive software to accelerate planning, design, construction, operations and time to revenue. This award-winning solution is for everyone from small private networks to national telecom operators, offering the flexibility to meet the scope of any network across the entire lifecycle. 



OSPInsight can help manage corporate fiber networks by enabling organizations to track and manage their network infrastructure, assign cables, splice fibers, plan for future builds, and proactively troubleshoot network vulnerabilities. This level of control and visibility reduces reliance on external vendors and helps organizations make data-driven decisions to ensure network performance and security.

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Electrical Utilities

OSPInsight can help Electrical Utilities fiber optic networks with efficient record-keeping and rapid troubleshooting. By using OSPInsight, companies can draw high-quality fiber maps, maintain accurate network data, and identify network issues quickly with fault-finding tools and user-friendly interface, leading to greater customer satisfaction. Additionally, OSPInsight provides excellent customer support, allowing network operators to speak directly with knowledgeable representatives whenever they have a question.

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OSPInsight offers a comprehensive software solution to government fiber network operators who own and operate fiber optic networks to provide high-speed internet connectivity to government facilities and community services. With OSPInsight, government network operators can plan, design, track, manage and monitor their network assets and performance to ensure quality service delivery.

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With OSPInsight, industrial fiber network operators can manage and monitor their networks, ensuring they are functioning properly and identify opportunities for growth. OSPInsight enables quick identification and resolution of network issues, such as outages or disruptions, and provides a customizable data model that can be tailored to fit a company's unique needs and workflows.

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OSPInsight helps transportation fiber network operators manage their network infrastructure by enabling them to document and map their fiber infrastructure, electrical circuits, and ITS devices. This provides greater flexibility to expand the network to future developments and understand connectivity between fiber and ITS devices. Additionally, OSPInsight allows operators to quickly fix outages by designing redundancies that ensure secure service continuity throughout all equipment in the network.

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OSPInsight can help Education fiber network operators manage their networks by providing an organized fiber database that keeps all equipment and connection data in one place, allowing for easy access and management. Additionally, OSPInsight offers redundancy and troubleshooting support to ensure proper circuit redundancies exist and enable rapid troubleshooting when problems arise, while also offering an easy-to-use visual interface that enables network engineers to quickly add connections and troubleshoot potential network issues.

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