Today OSPInsight fiber planning and management software is used by telecommunication specialists across a wide range of industries to help them all to meet their fiber network challenges.

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Trusted in the field for over 25 years

Built by OSP Engineers, OSPInsight software has been helping fiber network operators plan, design, build and operate their networks since 1994. 



Smarter network management
OSPInsight enables large organizations to track every key data point about its fiber networks, including cable locations, fiber utilization, and client priority.

In-house control
Organizations no longer have to rely on outside help for certain tasks, such as assigning cables, splicing, and planning for future builds.

Proactive troubleshooting
With OSPInsight, organizations can easily identify weaknesses or vulnerabilities across its networks giving personnel needed security.

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Electrical Utilities

Efficient record-keeping
By using OSPInsight, utility companies gain the capabilities needed to draw high-quality fiber maps and maintain accurate network data.

Rapid troubleshooting
Using OSPInsight’s fault-finding tools and user-friendly interface, utility companies are able to identify and address network issues quickly, ultimately leading to greater customer satisfaction.

Excellent customer support
Whenever a fiber network operators has a question about OSPInsight, they can call and speak directly with a knowledgeable customer support representative.
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Documenting network infrastructure
OSPInsight provided a way to document every critical element of a fiber optic network and the ability to disseminate knowledge across key personnel.

Reducing service downtime
With OSPInsight, cities and counties have the tools needed to address catastrophic issues effectively and get services back online as quickly as possible.

Understand network connectivity
Understand the connectivity between fiber and ITS devices to allow your engineers flexibility to quickly allocate additional resources for further building developments.

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Monitoring & maintenance
With OSPInsight, companies can monitor the integrity of their fiber optic networks with ease allowing for more insight into potential network growth as your work site continues to grow.

Troubleshooting outages
Fiber optic network operators can use OSPInsight to troubleshoot network issues quickly and identify company infrastructure that will be impacted by repairs.

Customizable data model
OSPInsight’s data model is flexible, which enables fiber optic network operators to customize the platform to existing network workflows and processes.
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Transport Authorities

Document fiber infrastructure
Map your fiber, electrical circuits, and ITS devices throughout every part of your network infrastructure giving greater flexibility to expand your network to future developments.

Understand connectivity
Understand the connectivity between fiber and ITS devices to allow your engineers greater knowledge of where everything is throughout long stretches of highway and roadways.

Quickly fix outages
Design redundancies to ensure secure service continuity throughout all of the equipment in your network, which allows traffic and emergency vehicles to run smoothly.

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Organized fiber database
OSPInsight keeps all fiber equipment and connection data in one place, allowing you to know the exact location of where everything is on campus.

Redundancy & troubleshooting support
OSPInsight helps ensure proper circuit redundancies exist and supports rapid troubleshooting when problems arise, allowing faculty and students to maintain a high performing connection.

Easy-to-use visual interfaces
OSPInsight represents network data as clear visuals and diagrams enabling network engineers to quickly add connections and troubleshoot potential network issues.
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