OSPInsight is a fiber optic network design and management software tool used by hundreds of customers.  


faster builds and less re-work

"OSPInsight plays a big part in how we engineer a new build - how it will tie into older existing fiber, patching configurations needed, Right-of-Way options (permitting & leasing considerations), fiber count capacities needed, etc."

Work faster

"We were required to estimate the cost to build to nearly 1,000 cell sites.  This task was going to take us at least 100 man hours to complete. Because we had data in the RFI tool from OSPInsight, we simply clicked a button and got the numbers back, saving many hours of work. Not to mention we sent the proposal back within two days of receiving it."

improve productivity

"OSPInsight has not reduced the number of people working in our department, but it has increased the productivity of our people dramatically. What it has done has allowed us to expand our work to cover activities that need to be done but due to the lack of manpower we can't normally do."