OSPINSIGHT Edit 7.5.8 - Release Notes

New / Updated Features

  1. We have modified how the application functions in a multi-user environment (Oracle). We are now using our own method to track when a user is writing to the database and we are prohibiting others from writing to the same table at the same time. Because of this change you might see a new message box stating that a user has a table locked. When the user finishes saving their data the lock will be removed. This should help users avoid a handful of Oracle error messages as well as keep the integrity of the database as pristine as possible.


  1. Database passwords can now contain uppercase letters.
  2. Drag and Drop tool is fixed
  3. RFTS monitor will still display alarms even if there are null values in the date fields.
  4. Copying pole attachments is fixed.
  5. Adding ductbank from new cable spans is fixed.
  6. Multiple Objects Editor now behaves correctly with Custom Styles.
  7. Fixed an issue with the Import/Export utility.
  8. Termination Point panel can now display its max 150 characters for the user field.
  9. Very large Saved Routes should now export to Google Earth correctly.
  10. Modified how loss values are calculated. It is now based off the optical distance.
  11. Equipment labels will now move up and down correctly in the Port tab.
  12. Saved Route Manager now uses your Saved Route defaults and its right click menu now works.
  13. Fixed an issue with the Customer Summary Report reporting false splice points.