OSPINSIGHT Edit 8.0 - Release Notes 4/15/2016

New / Updated Features

  1. We overhauled workspaces and they should work much better, especially if you are using Bing Maps. It’s possible existing workspaces will not work, so you will need to rebuild them from within OSP.


  1. ‘Stop at Patch’ will now work in the Taper Report.
  2. Fixed a handful of issues with custom styles.
  3. New cable spans that don’t have a custom style will now correctly apply the default map style associated to its placement value.
  4. SQL Authentication passwords will now save correctly to the setup.mdb.
  5. Replacing multiple objects with a custom style at the same time will no longer move the objects to the same location.
  6. Poles will no longer have their x/y coordinates changed to 0/0.
  7. Workspaces will stay showing in the workspace list if you just associated it to your database.
  8. Copying the Hardware Materials into a new database will now work.
  9. Removed the ‘Style Only’ option from Custom Styles.
  10. Saved Routes will now have the correct ‘created date.’
  11. Modified the Installed Hardware Materials report to better handle cables that are only partially found in the region you used to run the report on.
  12. Fixed a rare mid-sheath bug where the enclosure would get added to the current span instead of splitting it.
  13. Modified the “Map Picker” to remove default fields. Only non-default fields will be able to be turned on or off (such as cable hardware etc).
  14. The Map Picker will now work correctly with SQL Authentication.
  15. Exporting objects to Google Earth will now export fields from Map Picker.
  16. In the List menu, the ‘replace’ feature now works correctly.
  17. Searching in the lists will now work.
  18. Labeling that uses hardware types will now work correctly and without an error message.
  19. Made some tweaks so that arrow keys can be used to move around the map. Let us know if you still see issues with this.
  20. The label field for splitters in the splice key will now display a couple more characters.
  21. Scale factors are now shown 8 decimals deep, instead of the 2 we used before.
  22. Adding ‘Users’ to the Splice Spreadsheet happens much quicker now.

Known Issues

  1. Individual and Cumulative loss values are still being perfected.
  2. Currently, if you delete the start point of a Saved Route the Saved Route will not have any data in it when it updates.
  3. Taper Report is showing the related Saved Route name twice, but only one of them has the id value associated to it. If you try to open the one without the id value, it will open up a blank Saved Route. Selecting the other Saved route will allow you to open it and view its contents.
  4. We are still working on a change that will stop the app from asking you to reregister when you switch between different network connections.