OSPINSIGHT Edit 8.0 - Release Notes 4/25/2017

New/Updated Features

This version requires an update to the database. It includes a deployment script update as well as a database structure update.

1.     Region Load Tool – This is a new feature that is currently in beta. It allows you to select a Map View at the time of loading your network. The database will then only load the map objects that are found within the Map View. This will allow those in larger databases who only work in a small area to quickly load the network, rather than having to download all of the map objects. Using this feature will still load all of the Data View records for these objects but they will not be mappable without a refresh of the map.

2.     Added Saved Queries to Lists – This was a feature in version 7.0 that has been brought back to version 8. You will access the Saved Queries from the Saved Queries button in lists.

3.     Taper Detail – This is a new feature found in the Taper window. This will export an excel spreadsheet that helps understand the utilization of the cable span. We will have a video on our website explaining this feature.

4.     Shortest Route – This is another new feature that we will better explain in a video on our website.

5.     Create tab file from Saved Route – This is a new option on the right click menu in the Data View for Saved Routes. It will create a new map layer based on the route of the Saved Route. You can do this with multiple Saved Routes and then modify the colors of each route to help visualize where the routes go and what areas they cover.

6.     Revamped the mid-sheath tool. While the look and feel of it stayed the same, the code behind it drastically changed. We made modifications to avoid SQL deadlocks when multiple users are mid-sheathing at the same time, as well as other issues that arise when people are mid-sheathing at the same time. An example of this is a new message box that would arise if the map data does not match the database data. You would see the message box and then the affected layer would automatically refresh to pull down the correct map data.



1.     Fixed an issue with the Installed Hardware Materials report that would prohibit it from displaying results.

2.     Added a new message that will appear if you are trying to connect to a database with an older version of the application.

3.     Fixed an issue with the splice key editor where the ‘hide spliced fibers’ setting was not working correctly.

4.     Changed the way we load the menus in data view. This should remove the situations where the menu was not displaying all of the necessary selections.

5.     Selecting a pole to relate to an object in the data view was loading the entire pole list, rather than just the poles around the object.

6.     Terminated fibers will not show up in the splice key editor in a termination panel.

7.     Fixed an issue with splitters were the termination point icon would show up in the splice key editor.

8.     Fixed some bugs with the export feature in route details and saved routes.

9.     Re-added the export to PDF feature in the Splice Diagram as well as added some additional tools to manipulate the size of the text in the diagram.

10.  Read-only users will now be able to view snapshots correctly even if the route is out of date.

11.  Added exporting to excel to the Lists export.

12.  Added a link to our training videos website to the help menu.

13.  Spans that were created before version 8 will now correctly update their strand size if you try and change their spantype.

14.  Fixed the Splice Point Routes feature to show only splice points found within the route that was run.

15.  Modifying which fields will display in lists behaves correctly now.

16.  Can now change the header of columns to make them easier to read. Do this from the Misc. tab in Display Options.

17.  Disconnecting from a database while you still have OSP open will behave better. You can hit refresh maps and it will try and reconnect to your database. If it can’t, it keeps you in the database until you choose to exit.

18.  The ability to push users, status’s and priorities in the Panel View will now behave the same regardless of if you have a Saved Route or not.

19.  Splicing in a termination point will no longer move the map to a splice point with the same id as the termination point.

20.  Edit Options will now prompt you to save your outstanding edits before you can move to different parts of the editor.

21.  Fixed an issue with the ductbank editor where it was deleting locks incorrectly.

22.  You can now add rooms from the room ellipses button in the Data View termination points more info tab even if there are no rooms existing in the building.

23.  We added a cancel button at the bottom right of the app that will show up when you do a rectangle select. This can be used to cancel the selection feature which is especially helpful if you accidently selected too many objects.

24.  Added pdf as an OTDR file type.

25.  The reset button in the Display Options - Fields to Display now correctly works with bolded items.

26.  Modified the filtering method in the Patch Editor. It will now correctly filter based on your room/rack selections.

27.  Fixed an issue where new databases would only show install date for some object types in the more info tab.

28.  Documents that are using a universal naming convention will now correctly load up in the application related to that document type.

29.  The OSPInSight label functionality will now correctly label type information when using the auto label setting.

30.  You can now select a field in lists and use ctrl-c to copy that value.

31.  Scale factors are now correctly displaying in the Data View Spantypeid selection list.

32.  Made some performance improvements when adding new objects.

33.  Fixed an issue where you would see foreign key constraint error messages when deleting cable spans or replacing slacks with enclosures.


Known Issues

1.     Individual and Cumulative loss values are still being perfected.

2.     Currently, if you delete the start point of a Saved Route the Saved Route will not have any data in it when it updates.

3.     We are still working on a change that will stop the app from asking you to reregister when you switch between different network connections.

4.     Creating a cable span without a start point will incorrectly associate the end point to the most recent objectid for that object type. For example, if you draw a span without a start point and end it in a splice point with objectid 5, but objectid 6 is your most recent start point, it will incorrectly relate to objectid 6. This will be fixed in the next patch.

5.     When selecting the Templates and Defaults tab for the first time on a new install, you will sometimes get a long list of errors. We are looking at this, but haven’t determined the cause yet.