OSPINSIGHT Edit 8.0 - Release Notes 6/13/2016

New / Updated Features

  1. Added a new tool to the Route Detail commands drop down called the Pre-Export Tool. This tool allows you to modify what data from your route is shown when exported to Excel.
  2. Added a new checkbox to the Route Detail window that will 'show only end points.' This has been included to help accomplish what version 7's end point tab did. When you check the box, your current route will adjust and show only the end points.
  3. We added a sequential editor to Splice Points and Termination Points. This will show all the spans going into the termination point / splice point and allow you to modify the sequentials directly from here, rather than going into each span separately.
  4. There is a new option in the Edit Option - Misc Option (#4) that allows you to automatically open the spanlength editor when you draw a new span.


  1. If you use database passwords for your Access rights, they will now be passed to the next version of Splice GUI, thus allowing you to avoid entering your password again in Splice GUI.
  2. When using the right click map menu option for cables, the change placement feature will now correctly update the styles to match your defaults.
  3. Removed incorrect endpoint information for splitters from the Splice Key Diagram.
  4. Fixed some issues for new ductbanks where the values were set to ‘-use last input-‘
  5. Database locks (when opening a splice key, or mid-sheathing) will no longer time out. You can remove them from the Help – About – Multi-User tab if you need to remove them. This also solves timing issues where the server is in a different zone than the user. They will still remove automatically when you close the editors.
  6. Modified the mid-sheath tool to better handle ‘termination splices’.
  7. Deleting Alarms from the Alarm Monitor now behaves correctly.
  8. You can now open Saved Routes from within the Term. Point Panel’s right click menu for ports. If there is a related Saved Route you will have the option to open it.
  9. Fixed some issues with lat/long values not populating or failing to update.
  10. You can now map from the port list. It will map the object that the port is related to.
  11. Copying superduct/innerduct information will now copy the full length of the number, not just the value before the decimal.
  12. Fixed an error that happened when ductbanks had their custom style applied.
  13. Running a Taper from a jack selected in the Panel window was incorrectly using the port number instead of the strand number. This has been fixed.
  14. Data View will now refresh when you delete a Saved Route from its editor.
  15. Loading a Route Detail that already is open, but minimized, will now flash the minimized route detail window.
  16. Terminating will no longer change a modified group name back to the default group name after a termination has been saved.
  17. Fibers spliced in a termination point are no longer available for termination.
  18. If a related document is a MapInfo tab file and you choose to open it, it will open in OSP.
  19. Splitting a ductbank with an Access Point will now put the Access Point at the correct location.