OSPINSIGHT Edit 8.0 - Release Notes 10/2/2017

New/Updated Features

This version requires an update to the database. It includes a deployment script update as well as a database structure update.

We will have videos on these new features so check our website for video updates!

  1. Splice History – This feature, when turned on, will create a Splice Diagram copy whenever a user saves a new splice in the Splice Key Editor. You can view these Splice Diagrams by opening the Splice Diagram for an enclosure and clicking on the Splice History button. If the button is disabled, it means there has yet to be any history created for this Splice Point, or that the feature is turned off.

  2. Route Schematic – You can now create a schematic of your route by running a route from a termination point and then selecting ‘Route Schematic’ from the commands drop down. If you want to save the Route Schematic, you can create an SVG file by selecting the export button.

  3. Taper Detail – This is a new feature found in the Taper window. This will export an excel spreadsheet that helps understand the utilization of the cable span. We will have a video on our website explaining this feature.

  4. Shortest Route Update – This has been renamed to ‘Route Search’. This allows you to find a route between 2 or more points (either through cables or ductbank).

  5. Record nullification – We have added an option to the database that would allow records to have their important data nulled out, rather than deleted. We have implemented this as an option for users to test to see if it increases performance for them. We have also added a new test to our Integrity application that would remove all of the nulled out records.

  6. Multiple Saved Routes –Quick Taper, Route Detail, and Taper Report have been updated to show multiple Saved Routes if they are on different starting/ending ports. For example, if you had two Saved Routes with different start points and then you spliced them together, you would now have two Saved Routes show up when running one of these reports. Also, if you are in the Route Detail window and shoot a port that has multiple Saved Routes associated to it then the ‘Open Saved Routes’ button will present you with an option to pick the Saved Route you would like to open.



  1. You will no longer create multiple work orders when adding a new work order from the Templates and Defaults section.

  2. Fixed an issue where the Comments column in the Wave view was not showing.

  3. Patches to/from equipment will now show the equipment label in the ‘patchgroup’ field in Port Assignments.

  4. Selecting the ‘open folder’ button in the Open Workspace menu will no longer cause an error if you do not have any workspaces.

  5. Highlighting a route will now behave correctly in regards to if/when it should zoom. Also, we have changed Data View mapping for Saved Routes to adhere to the highlighting option in the Saved Route options.

  6. Some enclosures Splice Diagrams don’t correctly spread out the data (so it ends up overlapping). Selecting a character limit of 0 will fix this.

  7. Previously you could not remove a related document from a record. We have added this feature to the relations tab in Data View.

  8. Modified the Splice Diagram to show pending splices with a dashed orange line.

  9. Taper reports will now show Saved Routes in red if the Saved Route is out of date.

  10. Fixed a bug that was prohibiting you from exporting multiple Saved Routes from Lists.

  11. In rare situations Mapinfo will return an incorrect value for an item before we do the spanlength lookup during the mid-sheath process. We have made some changes to account for this. Please notify us if you continue to see this issue.

  12. We are now only loading Saved Routes when opening the Saved Route Manager (we are no longer including non-Saved Routes). This will help with performance when loading the Saved Route Manager.

  13. The Leased Editor will now apply edit option defaults for all new leased records, not just the first one.

  14. In some rare instances the equipment list would not display data. This has been fixed.

  15. Renamed ‘Add splitters to enclosure’ to ‘Splitter Editor’ in the Splice Key Editor.

  16. Modified how locks were managed. This fixes some issues were locks were removed thus causing a save to fail.

  17. Occasionally the app would hang if you clicked ‘ok’ too quickly after hitting ‘apply’. We have changed the behavior of many of the windows to disable the ‘ok’ and ‘cancel’ button until the ‘apply’ has finished saving.

  18. You can now sort Map Views.

  19. Fixed some visual bugs where data appeared to save to the wrong record when switching objects in the Data View.


Known Issues

  1. Individual and Cumulative loss values are still being perfected.

  2. Currently, if you delete the start point of a Saved Route the Saved Route will not have any data in it when it updates.

  3. We are still working on a change that will stop the app from asking you to reregister when you switch between different network connections.

  4. Creating a cable span without a start point will incorrectly associate the end point to the most recent objectid for that object type. For example, if you draw a span without a start point and end it in a splice point with objectid 5, but objectid 6 is your most recent start point, it will incorrectly relate to objectid 6. This will be fixed in the next patch.

  5. When selecting the Templates and Defaults tab for the first time on a new install, you will sometimes get a long list of errors. We are looking at this, but haven’t determined the cause yet.