OSPINSIGHT Edit 8.0 for ArcMap 10.2.2 - Release Notes 9/20/2016

New / Updated Features

This version requires an update to the database. While we do not require all users of older versions to update, it is highly recommended. If you do not update to this version and connect to a network that has been updated you will get a prompt to update the database with the old deployment script. You can ignore the prompt and once you update to the latest you will no longer receive the update prompt.

  1. We created a new tool to help track wavelengths called the Wave Filter Tool. You get to this tool by shooting a route from a termination panel and then selecting Wave View from the commands drop down. We will soon have a video explaining how the tool works.
  2. We created another new tool called ISP View. This tool is used to help manage what is inside your building. You can quickly add new floors, rooms and racks to the building as well as associating termination points with these objects. We will soon have a video explaining how this tool works.

  3. We modified/updated the way you do backups in the application. You still define the backup location in the database setup, but it will now backup locally if you have it setup correctly. There is a document on the website that will explain how to do this. It will most likely require IT or DBA assistance in setting it up.
  4. With this update we have also created a standalone View version. This version still requires MapInfo, but all Edit abilities are removed. If you are currently using Edit in Read-Only mode you are free to move to this version. It requires separate registration from the Edit version and thus will need you to contact our sales team to make sure your account is updated to reflect the move to our View version. If you have any questions about which version you should use, please contact Clark Stevenson @ clark.stevenson@advancefiber.com

  5. We received multiple requests to allow Saved Route highlighting to remain after a user uses the OSP select tool. This would allow users to still see their route while also selecting a specific location to edit. When determining how to do this, we decided that the auto-highlight of objects when using the OSP select tool was unnecessary. It added extra time to the select process and it still required you to individually map each object to find out which data view record related to which map object. While this change might take some time getting used to, we believe the speed increase and functionality change in regards to Saved Routes will be worth it.


  1. Fixed issues with the OTDR tab in the Panel View.
  2. Fixed a performance issue when adding new Cities to the City drop down.

  3. Added a .sor extension when adding OTDR files to a Saved Route.

  4. Updating a spantype value for a Cable Span will now correctly update the cable table’s spantypeid value.

  5. Fixed an issue with Quick Taper not correctly populating customers that are associated to Saved Routes.

  6. Ductbanks will now be split where you place the AP, not at the closest node. 

  7. Fixed a crash that would happen in the List Options menu.

  8. Modified the update script so that it only asks you to remove all users from the database when the update requires it, rather than every time an update happens.

  9. Fixed an issue where canceling out of a splice key modification would remove the lock.

  10. Added a way to sort Map Views.

  11. Modified the export tool to export end points in the correct order.

  12. Fixed an issue with the Saved Route Manager where it was creating Saved Routes on ports that were already part of a saved route.

  13. Having the same MapInfo layer twice in a workspace no longer throws an error.

  14. Using the re-calc button with a stubbed cable segment no longer gives the wrong cable length.

  15. Changed 30 minute locks to unlimited time locks throughout the app. If you have to remove a lock do it from the Help – About – Multi-Editing window.

  16. Made a change with the ‘add node’ button so that it behaves more like standalone MapInfo. 

Known Issues and Missing Features

  1. Individual and Cumulative loss values are still being perfected.
  2. Currently, if you delete the start point of a Saved Route the Saved Route will not have any data in it when it updates.
  3. We are still working on a change that will stop the app from asking you to reregister when you switch between different network connections.
  4. Creating a cable span without a start point will incorrectly associate the end point to the most recent objectid for that object type. For example, if you draw a span without a start point and end it in a splice point with objectid 5, but objectid 6 is your most recent start point, it will incorrectly relate to objectid 6. This will be fixed in the next patch.