OSPINSIGHT Edit - Release Notes 5/5/2014

New / Updated Features

  1. We have temporarily removed the Saved Route Manager and the ability to re-run Saved Routes. This feature should be added in our next release which will move these features into SQL server.
  2. There is a somewhat large database structure change in this update. If you have a current database and are having troubles updating your database to the latest structure please email me at mattf@advancefiber.com and I can personally get your database updated quickly. 
  3. We have fixed the Taper Report. It displays the correct data now and should no longer crash.
  4. Added a re-calc feature to ductbanks which will update their length to match the map. We have also worked on auto updating the length when you graphically adjust the ductbank.

Bug Fixes

  1. Both sides of a mid-sheathed span now have their lengths updated correctly.
  2. Fixed some issues when deleting splitter types as well as enclosures with splitters.
  3. Resetting Display Options will no longer give an error.
  4. Modifying the unit type for cable spans will adjust all length fields accordingly.
  5. Access Point’s ‘type’ field is now saving.
  6. Ductbank start/end places now update correctly.
  7. Trying to add a cable span without an associated span type will throw a message.
  8. Made user improvements to some lists and to locations that involved checkboxes. 
  9. Fixed an issue where new cable spans were still associating to an existing spanid instead of a new one.
  10. Various other minor bug fixes.