OSPINSIGHT Edit 8.1 - Release Notes 9/14/2016

New / Updated Features

  1. This version requires Microsoft SQL.
  2. We have re-added Saved Routes and the Saved Route Manager. Saved Routes are snapshots of an existing route. They are static and will not change unless you update them with the Saved Route Manager.

  3. This version supports Multi-user. While we have testing this substantially, please inform us if you come across any issues when using the application in a multi-user environment.
  4. Google Earth exporting is now available.
  5. Relating documents is now available.

Known Issues and Missing Features

  1. Innerduct Connector is not yet implemented
  2. Google Earth Export is not yet implemented.
  3. Route Details only supports shooting one way. We will implement both a forward and reverse in the future.
  4. Cannot delete cable spans from the map using the delete key. Please use the Data View to delete cable spans from the database and the map.
  5. Issues when saving OTDR’s and Loss information related through the Panel Viewer for a termination point.
  6. Some machines have issues printing from the port assignments list. We are looking at a better way to handle this.