OSPINSIGHT Edit 8.1 for ArcMap 10.3.1 - Release Notes 11/28/2016

New Features and/or Changes

  1. This version requires Microsoft SQL and ArcMap 10.3.1.
  2. This version supports Multi-user. 

  3. We created a new tool to help track wavelengths called the Wave Filter Tool. You get to this tool by shooting a route from a termination panel and then selecting Wave View from the commands drop down. You can watch a video here: http://www.ospinsight.com/new-feature-focus/
  4. We created another new tool called ISP View. This tool is used to help manage what is inside your building. You can quickly add new floors, rooms and racks to the building as well as associating termination points with these objects. You can watch a video here: http://www.ospinsight.com/new-feature-focus/

Bug Fixes

  1.  Installed Hardware Materials report now displays the correct amount of termination ports and splice points. Also, the tool behaves correctly when running the report on different views other than ‘entire network’.
  2. The graphics tab of the Panel window now displays the correct information.

  3. Modified the splice point and termination point delete messages to inform the user to use the Topology tool rather than the Network Edit tool.
  4. Pushing the information from the Panel Viewer to other panels now functions correctly.

  5.  OTDR’s are now saving in the Saved Route editor.

  6. The single splice editor section of the Splice Key editor now behaves correctly.

  7. Splice Diagram has had some tweaks to fix a few display bugs.

Known Issues and Missing Features

  1. Innerduct Connector is not yet implemented 
  2. Route Details only supports shooting one way. We will implement both a forward and reverse in the future. 

  3. Cannot delete cable spans from the map using the delete key. Please use the Data View to delete cable spans from the database and the map. 
  4. Issues when saving OTDR’s and Loss information related through the Panel Viewer for a termination point.

  5. Some machines have issues printing from the port assignments list. We are looking at a better way to handle this.