OSPINSIGHT Edit 8.1 for ArcMap 10.5.1 - Release Notes 5/16/2018

New Features and/or Changes

  1. This version requires Microsoft SQL and ArcMap 10.5.1.

  2. Modified the app to have better performance with larger databases. This included modifying our queries back to the SQL Server as well as doing spatial queries to limit the amount of data that is needed to be populated in lists.

  3. Lowered the amount of data being tored in 'domains.' This allows for more flexibility within the app when the user does not have SA permissions. We also added a tool that can change the owenership of a Domain. This is required if you want to have a non-SA suer that can still modigy domains.

  4. To accompany the domain changes, we modified how the app behaves when a user is not the owner of the domain. If the app recognizes that the user is not a domain owner then they will not see the typical 'edit items...' in the lists that use domains. Once instance where this differs is when editing Span Types, Enclosure Types and Termination Types in the Material Type editor. Users without domain access are still able to add these types to the database but the domain will not be updated. This allows users to still select this span in the Data View, though it will not be available in the Create Features toolbar. In order to get the values added to the domain, you will need to have the domain owner connect to the database through OSPInsight which will trigger a dDomain Sync. The sync will happen behind the scenes and once it is done the domains will be updated with the span types, enclosure types or termination types that were found in the Material type Editor but not found in the domain.

  5. Removed the Network Edit tool functionality. While this tool was helpful at times (it kept the database integrity stong) it also was very limiting. We found that it was a better experience for the user if they had the flexibility to move and re-relate objects through the application rather than following the strict rules that the Network Edit tool required. Please contact support if you have a question on how this functionality has changed an how it can impact your editing.

Bug Fixes

  1. Fixed a bug where you could relate a reel id to a span that didn't share the same spantype as the reel.

  2. Fixed some bugs related to setting double click defaults.

  3. The Work Order Summary report now displays the correct data.

  4. Fixed a rare issue where having your Saved Routes automatically updated with the Splice Key Editor would cause an error.

  5. Turning on and off the Auto Terminations feature during the same Edit session will now behave correctly.

  6. Address Notes are now correctly displaying in the Splice Key Diagram

  7. Saved Routes will no longer be duplicated when you open them in Read Only mode.

  8. TheSplice Points Route option in the Saved Route Editor now works.

  9. The Patchtype values will now associate correctly to new patches beyond the first patched port.

  10. Printing the Splice Diagram will now keep the Print and Export buttons after the Diagram has printed.

  11. Fixed some dele issues where the related objects were not getting updated correctly.

  12. 'Ispermanent' is no longer a field you can edit for Saved Routes.

  13. The Saved Route Manager 'Create' tab is now displaying the correct amount of ports when selecting Equipment.

  14. In past versions you would get an error message when getting the relationships on an object before you have added an Access Point to the database. This is now fixed.

  15. The 'highlight selected cables on map' feature in the Splice Key editor now works with both spans.

  16. Fixed a few locations in the app where rarely used fields were not updating correctly.

  17. You will no longer receive a second 'changes saved' message when increasing the port size of a panel.

  18. When you Start Editing on a new MXD, it no longer requires you to Start Editing twice.

  19. Modified how the lists from Data View work. We now do a query around the object in order to generate a smaller, more accurate list of items to relate. This saves a substantial amount of time when compared to populating the list with records from the entire database.

  20. Modified the Saved Route Manager to only display Saved Routes and not include cached routes.

Known Issues and Missing Features

  1. Innerduct Connector is not yet implemented.

  2. Cannot delete cable spans from the map using the delete key. Please use the Data View to delete cable spans from the database and the map.

  3. Issues when saving OTDR's and Loss information related through the Panel Viewer for a termination point.

  4. Some machines have issues printing from the port assignments list. We are looking at a better way to handle this.