OSPInsight Edit is the flagship application where the majority of data entry and graphical mapping occurs and from which the rest of the OSPInsight system is supplied with its required data. Compatible with both ESRI ArcMap and MapInfo Professional, OSPInsight Edit is the only system you need to successfully manage your network assets now and into the future.

Use OSPInsight Edit to document with exactness your actual network as you build it; easily modify updates as new additions are made; and, use it to plan and design new builds going forward. Maintaining and evaluating your assets once installed is easy using the numerous reporting and analytical tools within OSPInsight Edit.


Since 1993, MapInfo has supplied the underlying geospatial technology of OSPInsight.  That legacy continues with the current release of OSPInsight 8x.


Fiber optic network management designed for the masses, combined with the GIS software used by the masses. The next generation of OSPInsight is here with version 8 for ESRI ArcMap 10.

A few basic features include...

For any key word, find the network object

Examine Attributes



Explore the Detail of a Route from Port to Port

Then View the Route on a Map

Search for a Fault and Show it in the Route Detail on the Map

For any Cable, Identify where each Fiber Terminates

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