OSPINSIGHT Integrity 8.0 - Release Notes 9/6/2018

New/Updated Features

  1. Added Integrity Test 115 (Check for spans that are missing sequential information.)

  2. Added Integrity Test 131 (Find ductbanks that might be missing a relationship to a span)

  3. Added Integrity Test 162 (Check for termination types or span types that have more than 4095 ports or strands)

  4. Added Integrity Test 163 (Check for orphan patches.)

  5. Added Integrity Test 164 (Check for gaps in the port table.)

  6. Added Integrity Test 165 (Check for gaps in the strand table.)

  7. Added Integrity Test 166 (Check for gaps in the spanlength table.)

  8. Added Integrity Test 336 (Check for num values out of sequence in a link for strands.)

  9. Added Integrity Test 337 (Check for link records with strands from multiple cable spans.)

  10. Added Integrity Test 338 (Check for num values out of sequence in a link for ports.)

  11. Added Auto Fix to Test 129

  12. OSPIntegrity database is automatically added when first pointing to the SQL server

  13. Added Run History



  1. Fixed Integrity Setup adding folders in incorrect locations

  2. Fixed ‘ExecuteNonQuery requires an open and available Connection. The connection’s current state is closed’ error when setting up

  3. Integrity on a new computer.

  4. Fixed deleting from database error ‘Value cannot be null’

  5. Fixed deleting database from database setup error.

  6. Test 187 no longer shows cached routes during the test.

  7. Fixed Test 186 from freezing Integrity during Group Tests.

  8. Fixed ‘Violation of PRIMARY KEY constraint 'pk_strand'.’ Error

  9. Checked the setup.mdb corruption issue on installation.

  10. ODBC’s should be setup automatically when ran as an administrator.

  11. Fixed first startup error messages.

  12. Fixed "The keyword Object cannot be translated because the table is not mappable."

  13. Fixed "File IntegrityTestCAB.DAT not found.”

  14. Fixed error with Test 186 autofix.


Known Issues

  1. Sometimes removing databases from Integrity ‘Run box’ will not remove them from Integrity

  2. On first open, the Individual Details and Test Run History columns will be squished. Double clicking on them will re-align them.

  3. On first open, when integrity is first minimized it will size to a tiny window.

  4. When running tests from Run History, it only runs the oldest copy of the database that is listed in Run History.