OSPInsight Partner Portal


The following resources are strictly confidential. As a valued partner of OSPInsight we want to provide you with all of the latest sales and marketing tools. Please use the resources below to help you answer client questions.

Use the pricing spreadsheet to create and send order forms to your customers. Please contact wade.anderson@iqgeo.com to receive a copy of the price book. 

NOTE: Please remember to copy sales@ospinsight.com on all quotes and orders sent to customers. SaaS orders over $50,000 require pre-approval by OSPInsight.

Please fill out both sections of the form below

NOTE: Submitting this form does not guarantee exclusivity to this account, instead it will assist us in identifying potential conflicts in any account early. Our team will work with you directly and urgently with any potential conflicts or opportunities.

Is MapInfo or other GIS technology required for the Web product?

No. The web product includes all of the GIS technology required for use at no additional cost.

Is MapInfo or ESRI required for the Desktop product?

Yes. MapInfo or ESRI is required for the current version of the Desktop product. The price is broken out for cases where a customer might already own the MapInfo or ESRI licenses they need for the implementation. ESRI licenses are not listed because we do not currently resell ESRI licenses, but we do support ESRI implementations.

Are all prices annual subscriptions?

All prices, except as noted in the price book, are annual subscriptions.

Is the Web product available as a fully hosted service? In other words, does OSPI host the Web product?

For all customers in the USA, OSPI expects to provide a fully hosted SaaS solution. For customers outside of the USA, accommodations can be made which may include an additional charge to provide a fully hosted SaaS solution. On-premise implementations are available as well for the Web product if the customer would prefer to host themselves.

Are there any additional support or maintenance fees?

All support and maintenance fees are included in the annual subscription prices listed. Additional costs may be required for custom hosting solutions, especially for customers outside the USA.