Where buyers and suppliers build together

PET is a virtual marketplace where Buyers, companies that need construction work done, can interact with a community of Suppliers, companies that have the resources to perform the work, to create or maintain utility infrastructure and assets.

PET is a cloud based software solution that brings the Buyers and Suppliers together to Plan the work Estimate the costs, and Track the progress of utility construction projects from conception to closed.

PET was a game changer for tw telecom. PET lowered our cost to construct and reduced our time frame to construct. And it gave us the data to prove that both were indeed happening
— Don Becker Former VP of Logistics, OSP Engineering and OSP Construction tw telecom
Instant cost estimation from proven construction professionals
Work in conjunction with contractors rather than being at odds with them
Ensure pricing consistency, yet account for pricing flexibility
Standardize units of construction across all markets and all contractors
One centralized database for reporting, analysis, and strategic planning
A consistent platform for interaction between internal and external teams
A well defined process that can be monitored, tracked, and measured.

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