OSPINSIGHT Reports - Release Notes 3/26/2014


  1. If there was only one network in the list of networks to report on, the "Companies" drop down would not populate in the Fiber Capacity Report.
  2. Issue with “Saved Route Statuses” not matching the rough “status”. Now, any Saved Route created by the CSA (note: These Saved Routes are NOT populated in the source database, only in the CSA report) will have “<” “>” surrounding the name.
  3. Found that if a Saved Route went two directions, that is it started from a cable span, that the report was always showing “Dead CAB” for one side, and the proper status from the other side. This is now fixed such that the proper status from both sides will be shown. Thus, in past versions, if there were Saved Routes created from a cable span, it is probable that one end was erroneously labeled "Dead CAB" in the rough status.

Route Lengths

  1. Fixed duplicate placement data in the 'Tax - All' report.