OSPInsight Reports 8.0 Release Notes


Reports won’t work correctly unless run as an administrator. We are still investigating this and will release an update when we have a solution.

Reports in general:

  1. Fixed adding bulk databases

  2. Fixed minimizing issues

  3. Fixed crashes when incorrect region data is selected


  1. Fixed errors with accepting and displaying Null as a status

  2. Fixed Regions report calculations of Slacks

  3. Fixed spatial ospgeo field. Cables without ospgeo will now be updated and counted

  4. Fixed region capacity summary; updated reports region calculations to be more accurate

  5. Changed port status reporting so large databases are reported properly

  6. Added a feature in setup to override route statuses with port statuses

    1. Added the ability to move route status to an EA field when overwriting route status

  7. Added RouteMe options

    1. Check date at top of OSPInsight when in a database to see which options to use

    2. Fixed a RouteMe bug using stored procedures


  1. Fixed Miles and Kilometers in construction report

  2. Fixed displaying units other than feet

    1. If you change this in setup the report will be updated without needing to re-run

  3. Calculations for Regions are more accurate; Slack issues were fixed.


  1. Fixed SQL authentication errors