Request for Information (RFI) works within OSPInsight WEB to make it simple and fast to determine the rough cost of construction to a given address. Using cost data from actual builds and comparing it with estimated costs for given regions, this tool has taken an exercise that can often take days, and accomplishes it in seconds.

A sampling of features include...

Create and Edit Cost Zone Shapes and Cost Detail

For a Given Address, Show Costs to Nearest Network Elements

Detailed Breakdown of Costs in Various Cost Zones

Businesses Passed Analysis

Compare Actual Build Costs from Nearby Completed Projects

Edit, Save, Re-Calculate, and Export Planned Routes

Cluster Multiple Addresses for a comprehensive Cost Analysis

Embed The RFI Tool as a Web Service into an Existing Application

Batch Process HundreDs or Even Thousands of Addresses with the RFI Batch Utility

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