OSPINSIGHT View 7.5.7 - Release Notes 3/21/2013

Note: We have found an issue where Windows 7 machines receive MapX errors when opening Oracle databases in View. The fix for this is to run OSPInsight View in “Windows XP SP3” compatibility mode. If you have any questions on how to do this please call technical support at 1-800-490-3236 extension #256.

New / Updated Features

  1. Added a new right click menu option to Cable Spans called ‘Open Quick Taper.’ This is a new application that will be available to download from our Website. This will allow you to quickly see any Saved Route or Leased data associated to the span you ran the Quick Taper on.

  2. Added a new Report to the Reports menu. The ‘Impact Report’ is a new application that will be available to download from our Website. This Report will analyze Splice Points and report what fibers could be ‘impacted’ by making changes to the Splice Point.

  3. The ‘Find Address’ feature now has the ability to use Google Street View.


  1. All cable spans that make up a Ring are now grouped together with one Ring name in the Data View.

  2. Modified the find fault so that it works faster with splitters.

  3. The Splice Spreadsheet will now work correctly in Oracle when the ‘display users’ box is checked.

  4. Fixed an issue with the find fault not functioning correctly if the fault was landing on a cable segment that graphically had its end point closer to the start of the span than the end of the span.

  5. Fixed a bug with the X/Y columns in the Find Route window giving an error if the end point object was a non-terminated panel.

  6. Work Orders will now show up on Building and Access Point relations.