OSPInsight Releases Version 9.3 of Fiber Network Management Platform

April 7, 2020


At OSPInsight, we continue to invest in our core platform to help fiber network operators all over the country manage their infrastructure more effectively. 

We released Version 9.3 in March, which includes many updates and enhancements to Web 9. We are tremendously excited about what our clients can do with the newest edition. 

Below are a few highlights:

  • Beta access to Web 9 mobile
  • New map layers for the web version
  • Feature enhancements

Let’s dig into each of these in more detail.

Mobile Beta

We understand how important it is for field technicians and operators to have real-time access to network data. Our team has been working hard on a mobile version of our fiber management application so that users can access critical information from anywhere.

With the beta release, OSPInsight users can run routes, check splices, generate taper reports, and view their entire networks directly on their mobile devices. Although the new release doesn’t currently support editing, we plan to add this functionality as we move out of beta. 

By creating a mobile version of OSPInsight, we are extending the power of fiber management to the field. Technicians will have the information they need at their fingertips to make informed decisions about network maintenance, updates, and repairs. They can quickly look up data points without having to make calls back to the central office or opening bulky laptops on site.

As 5G, smart technologies, and high-speed internet continue to sweep the world, mobile access will become increasingly important. We want to stay ahead of the curve and ensure our users have what they need to be successful.

New Map Layers for Web Version

One of the most important features of OSPInsight is the ability to view entire networks and all associated elements in a digital map view. By integrating fiber data with GIS functionality, operators and technicians can see how their networks exist in relation to real-world environments. 

With Web 9.3, we’ve closed the gap between our desktop and web applications. We added the following new map layers to Web 9, which previously only existed in the desktop application:

  • Aerial strand: document new pole / aerial strands by drawing them directly on your maps
  • Document: add notes to specific network elements
  • Plan line and plan point: sketch new builds outside of your actual maps

With these new layers, those who prefer the web edition now have all of the map layers accessible to them in the desktop version. 

Our President Randy Anderson summarizes the map feature updates well:

"Our newest release of Web 9 introduces additional layers that previously could only be found within our desktop applications. Now, Web 9 users will have access to Plan Lines and Plan Points to help with high-level planning. They will be able to use the Document layer to add labels to the map. Finally, we have reimagined the Pole Lines layer from the desktop and renamed it to Aerial Strand. This Aerial Strand layer will make it much easier, and kind of fun, to manage the aerial outside plant.” 

Feature Enhancements

We remain committed to evolving with our clients and the fiber world over time. Therefore, Web 9.3 also includes numerous feature enhancements based on feedback from our existing users. 

Below are a few examples:

  • Exporting: export PNG files for splice diagrams and route schematics
  • User experience: refresh certain views and reports without having to re-open windows
  • Open API beta: integrate OSPInsight with other systems that house network data

Although these are relatively small changes, they make a significant impact on the day-to-day experiences of our users. With these tools and more, OPSInsight clients can customize the platform to their unique fiber network needs.

Sophisticated Fiber Network Management with OSPInsight

Over the past 25 years, OSPInsight has worked hard to make fiber network management as easy as possible for operators and technicians. Web 9.3 is another big step in an ongoing journey. Our team is fully invested in helping others optimize and grow their networks in the best manner possible. 

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