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Fiber Management Software to plan, design, and operate a better fiber network.

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Trusted In The Field For 25 Years.

Built by OSP Engineers, OSPInsight software has been helping network operators plan, build, and operate their fiber networks since 1994.

Unparalleled Port-to-Port Level Documentation

Improve the operations of your fiber network by moving from messy spreadsheets and drawings to the intelligence of OSPInsight. With an OSPInsight documented network, you can plan and design new parts of your network, run reports on the relationship between network elements, and explore details of a route from port-to-port with ease.

GIS Integration: MapInfo and ESRI

OSPInsight is built for multiple GIS systems, including MapInfo and ESRI. Because of the tight integrations, OSPInsight works seamlessly with your other GIS workflows and functions.

Quickly Locate Faults

Save hours of network downtime, by quickly locating the fault in your network. OSPInsight takes an OTDR trace, runs the route, and pinpoints the precise location of the fault.

Tools to get the job done

Concurrent Multi Editing (infographic) (02)

Concurrent Multi Editing

Make changes from multiple clients at the same time.

Capacity Report (icon)

Fiber Capacity Report

Reports to understand your network capacity.

Network Wide Search (infographic) (02.04)

Network Wide Search

Search for network and structural elements by keyword.

Inside Plant (infographic) (03)

Inside Plant Details

Document your inside plant details.

Splitters And Wavelengths (infographic) (03.02)-01

Splitters and Wavelengths

Design and manage splitters and their wavelengths.

Work Order Management (infographic) (02.04)

Work Order Management

Associate work orders to track changes in the network.

Scalable Database (infographic) (04.01)

Scalable Database

Network sizes both big and small.

Taper Report (icon)

Cable Termination Report

Detailed view of the ports where fibers are terminated.

Route Detail (icon)

Detailed Fiber Routes

Unparalleled detail to track optical circuits from beginning to end.

Mission Critical to Network Operations

We could not function without OSPInsight. Not only does OSPInsight give us the tools for pre-field engineering but also the troubleshooting features have allowed us to pinpoint fiber cuts and make repairs in a much more timely fashion. This has enabled us to maintain our SLAs with our customers. I have recommended OSP to many people and will continue to do so.

Network Analyst, Bowling Green Municipal Utilities

There is Nothing Like OSPInsight

There is nothing that puts all of your network data at your fingertips with the straightforward ease which OSPI does. Complex, network-wide reporting is simple. Massive multi-location cost and route estimates that typically take weeks for a team to put together, can be done in a few hours, by one person. Effective fiber management in OSPI enables several diverse departments with valuable and easily accessed network data, which is mission critical for everything from new network design to outage troubleshooting to company asset valuations. OSPInsight is fiber optic network management, simplified.

GIS DBA, Wave Broadband

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