RFI Cost Estimation

Web services for fiber network operators and sales professionals to estimate the cost of new construction projects and provide fast quotes to potential clients.

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Trusted in the Field for Over 25 Years

Built by OSP Engineers, OSPInsight has been helping fiber optic network operators plan, design, build, and operate their networks since 1994. 

Cost-To-Construct Estimation

Request for Information (RFI) works within OSPInsight Web to make it simple and fast to determine the rough cost of construction to a given address. Using cost data from actual builds and comparing it with estimated costs for given regions, this tool has taken an exercise that can often take days, and accomplishes it in second.

Cost-To-Closest Network Element

For a given address OSPInsight RFI will calculate the costs to the nearest network element. Use this to determine the optimal construction path to expand your network.

Generate New Business

Generate new business with OSPInsight RFI's Business Passed Analysis. Run a route and then look at a list of all the businesses along that route.

Cost Zone Details

OSPInsight RFI provides you the tools to customize your cost zones in as accurate detail as possible. Work with your field crews to break down the full spectrum of OSP build costs, then run red line routes and breakdown the costs in various cost zones.

Export Planned Routes

After editing and calculating your red line costs, you can export your planned routes for use by field crews.

It has the flexibility we need for any FTTH design requirements, which is why we use the system to support all of our Fiber to the Home projects. OSPInSIght provides all the functionality to design the most complicated of network designs and architectures. Interfacing with Esri functionality, we use the platform to develop not only the network design but also detailed construction prints. Our clients have been extremely satisfied with the level of detail we produce with OSPInsight. We are so pleased with the user-friendly aspect of the product that we regularly recommend it to our clients to manage, maintain, and use their OSP data.

Effective Fiber Management

Massive multi-location cost and route estimates that typically take weeks for a team to put together, can be done in a few hours, by one person. Effective fiber management in OSPI enables several diverse departments with valuable and easily accessed network data, which is mission critical for everything from new network design to outage troubleshooting to company asset valuations. OSPInSight is fiber optic network management, simplified.

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