SpliceGUI Release - Release Notes 4/30/2010

New / Updated Features

  1. No longer do you right click to delete a splice. We have changed it to a shift-right click. Many of our users were accidently deleting splices so this is a way to make sure our users are intentionally deleting splices.
  2. Along with making it a shift-right click, you also shift-right click on a buffer to delete all the splices for that buffer as well as shift-right click on a cable span name/ID and it will delete all the splicing for that whole span.
  3. To go along with splice deleting/modifying, you will now see a red exclamation point next to the ‘Load’ splice button if you have modified the enclosure splicing at all. This helps minimize users loading a new enclosure and losing any modifications they had made but not saved.
  4. The text that is on the strands now disappears when you zoom out to help with performance. If you print while the text is zoomed out the software will look at your settings in the options to determine if the text should be included in the print job or not.
  5. You can now shift-left click the “previous/next” location box (the box to the left or right of a span) and it will load that enclosure. This is a quick way to maneuver between splice points on the same route.
  6. You now have a labeling option at the bottom right of the program. These labels are pulled from the Saved Route table, thus they will auto label your fibers with Saved Route info (names, suffix etc, whatever you pick from the list). If you decide to use this labeling, it will only add new info, it won’t overwrite existing custom labels you might already have in your database.
  7. We have created a new install of Splice GUI called Splice GUI View. View only allows you to view splices, there is no ability to edit the splice or the layout. This was created because certain clients didn’t want a particular user to have Edit access. We normally will send out the Splice GUI Edit version to those who buy it, but if they specifically request a View version we can get them a copy of that instead of the Edit. If at a later date they want to convert that View to an Edit, all we need to do is uninstall it and reinstall the Edit version.
  8. We have modified the Splice Spreadsheet to include Saved Route names.
  9. The SpliceGUI install now includes an up to date help file.


  1. Buffer tube names with more than 2 characters now correctly fit within the buffer tube, they shouldn’t overlap onto the fibers.

Known Issues

  1. Using the upgrade installer will create a second SpliceGUI entry in the install programs. If you uninstall either one it will remove SpliceGUI.