Our specialized training is the fastest and most effective way to get the results you need from OSPInsight, and is the difference between solving network management problems and creating them. OSPInsight training consists of training videos you can have access to through your yearly maintenance agreement, or through training classes. Training classes are structured to teach the theory behind the OSPInsight network management system and the basic functionality of the software including hands-on experience in documenting a network enabling you to maximize the software’s capabilities upon class completion. Contact Training at 801-936-0970 ext 126 for available class dates.

  • OSPInsight Edit Standard training

  • OSPInsight Custom training

  • Training Videos

OSPINSIGHT Edit Basic Training

OSPInsight Edit Basic Training will introduce you to OSPInsight Edit and provide you with the technical information and hands-on experience needed to document a network using the software.  This course also covers some basic GIS (MapInfo Professional or ESRI ArcMap) mapping skills necessary to complete the tasks in OSPInsight Edit.  The basic course consists of three days of hands-on instruction that will enable you to create a network model from scratch. 

At OSPInsight Offices

Class Size: 

  • Maximum eight participants (Participants are responsible for their own travel, lodging, meals, and local transportation).


  • Participants must be familiar with the Window® operating systems.

  • Basic understanding of telecommunications theory and terminology.

  • MapInfo Professional or ESRI ArcEditor training or experience is recommended.

At Customer Site

Class Size:  

  • Maximum eight participants.


  • Customer agrees to provide an adequate training facility with a computer with mouse for each participant that is configured with at least the minimum requirements necessary to run the software.

  • Participants must be familiar with the Window® operating systems.

  • Basic understanding of telecommunications theory and terminology.

  • MapInfo Professional or ESRI training or experience is recommended.

OSPINSIGHT Edit Advanced Training

From time-to-time users like to explore more in-depth functions using OSPInsight Edit and their network data. Our OSPInsight Advanced Training course can be customized to your organization’s requirements and using your network data.  We recommend 2-3 hours online depending on your needs. Suggested topics and features may include, but are not limited to:

  • Advanced workspaces and how to use Bing maps;

  • Database standards, standardizing object names and naming of fiber groups;

  • Advanced splicing and terminations techniques; SpliceGUI features; pigtail use;

  • How to use saved routes;

  • Object tracing;

  • Custom symbols;

  • Modifying building footprints;

  • Custom labels;

  • Associating raster images and/or cad drawings; aerial photographs;

  • Translucency;

  • Point generation with spreadsheet X/Y coordinates;

  • Geocoding;

  • Custom thematic maps and thematic map templates;

  • Google™ Export and using .xml/.xmz files;

  • Advanced queries;

  • OSPInsight Reports including CSA, Network Statistics, Integrity Check and how to correct integrity problems in the database.

Training Locations

At OSPInsight Offices

Our main training facility is located at our corporate offices in North Salt Lake, Utah conveniently located near several hotels and numerous restaurants. We are 10 miles from the Salt Lake International Airport and only 8 miles from downtown Salt Lake City.

On-Site (Customer's Site)

OSPInsight trainers have traveled the world over to provide outstanding OSPINSIGHT training for our users.  To schedule on-site training, contact Training at 801-936-0970 or email TRAINING@ADVANCEFIBER.COM. The customer must provide an adequate training facility with a computer for each student, a projector, a white board and markers. The customer must provide training computers with the following minimum requirements: 128 mb ram, 500 mb free hard disk space, 8 mb on graphic card, mouse and mouse pad. The customer must install software and training data prior to beginning of class (In the event that the trainer is required to install the software and data, additional set up and consulting fees will apply).