Why OSPInsight

Software for fiber optic network operators to plan, design, build, and operate a better fiber optic network.

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Trusted in the Field for Over 25 Years

Built by OSP Engineers, OSPInsight has been helping fiber optic network operators plan, design, build, and operate their networks since 1994. 

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Why OSPInsight

Whether you are responsible for a commercial telecoms network or you support the communication needs of a municipality, transport network, corporate or university campus, you all share a common mission. Your goal is to deliver the best possible infrastructure experience for your customers and a world-class fiber optic network is fundamental to meeting this challenge.

With ever increasing fiber technology sophistication and density, designing, constructing, and maintaining your network is a big job. As your network grows, it’s simply no longer possible to manage this complexity with a disconnected combination of paper documents, maps, Google Earth, spreadsheets and CAD drawings. To meet your customer’s expectation for world-class communication services, you need a world-class fiber planning and System of Record (SoR) solution.

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An unmatched 25 Year pedigree

For more than 25 years, OSPInsight has been helping our customers navigate their journey from paper based and disconnected applications to a digital fiber network System of Record (SoR). Our experience with hundreds of customers like you has informed the development of our OSPInsight software and the data integration services we provide. And, in 2020 we joined the IQGeo team which provides us with an even greater pool of telecoms industry expertise and resources for the benefit of our customers.

No other software solution in the industry can offer the same level of expertise that was forged by our own experience as fiber optic field engineers designing and installing networks. We understand the full end-to-end network management process and have optimized our software with innovative tools and proven best practice workflows. These capabilities combine to deliver rapid ROI to your business by increasing operational productivity and network resilience.

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Industry leading software capabilities

You have a mission to deliver the best possible communication services to your customers and we can help you meet this challenge with a world-class fiber planning and design solution that is rapid to deploy, easy to learn, and cost-effective to manage. Our experienced team will be at your side every step of the way as you transform your fiber network operations from a manual to a fully automated SoR.

  • Taper report tool that provides an X-ray view of light paths.
  • Splice visualization tool that provides a reality-centric view of splicing.
  • Fiber span report that provides an intuitive view into capacity planning.
  • Fiber fault locater tool to reduce time to find and repair damaged cables.
  • Remote fiber test system integrations for real-time view of your network.
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Other benefits of a System of record

Protecting Network Data IP-01

Protecting Network Data IP

Protect your company’s intellectual property about your network

Improved Fiber Records-01

Improved Fiber Records

Improved accuracy of your fiber records as they’re more up-to-date than spreadsheets

Mobilize Your Database-01

Mobilize Your Database

Bring your records into the field with a mobile device to help your field technicians

Why choose IQGeo's OSPInsight software?

The question should really be: Why take a chance with a less experienced, less sophisticated solution? Talk to our team today and you’ll see why experience speaks for itself.

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